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Founded in 2005, Connecting began as a leadership development company unlike any other.  At Connecting, leaders discover that to be a great leader, they need to be a great student of life.

The Founder, Kellie Frazier, appreciates her Christ-like mentors and the world wide internet that allows her to reach all parts of the world with her own inspiring message.

Kellie’s career developed while interviewing hundreds of speakers and coaching experts over the years, and taking educational courses. She firmly believes what one of her mentors, Jim Rhon, taught her years ago; that if you help enough people through sincere love and kindness, you will never be without.  This is the thread Kellie consistently weaves into every message of Connecting LLC.  This is why her students are both hearers AND do-ers of the words, “Do unto others.”


Kellie chose to shut down her first business which was an investing company, in 2007, after losing relatives to a drowning, and to cancer. At the end of that year she slipped on black ice and her head hit the pavement beneath her. A traumatic brain injury became her challenge for the next six months until a light in her room changed everything. Although two things she vehemently disliked previously, were writing and speaking, they became second nature to her after her brain injury. 

Kellie’s unique story is why most audiences find her so inspiring.

Kellie speaks on the following topics:

* Emotionally Connecting – how to create a larger customer base, greater employee relations and even greater family relations.
* Empowerment
* Newly Wed Coaching (premarital counseling but much more fun and enlightening)
* Mother/Daughter Seminars
* Masterminding Innovative business ideas

Kellie thoroughly enjoys working with leaders that enjoy personal & spiritual development. This group would include professional women/employees/and business owners.

As a certified coach/trainer for anyone wanting to bridge gaps in their personal or professional life, one of Kellie’s specialties is helping the business professional develop new ways to creatively think out of the box to generate more income in their business. 

So in the event that people ask you what she does, now you’ll be able to share with them in detail.

Kellie encourages people to “Get Uncomfortable” and do what they’ve likely not done in a very long while… R-E-L-A-X, yet live into their purpose.

Kellie’s books include; “Connecting Faith, Hope and Love”, “Raising Fearless Teens”, and her best selling book, “God’s Miracles; True Stories of Healing and Restoration”. Kellie’s newest release, “Let the Real YOU Show Up”,  is currently in eBook format and offered free for a limited time. (See right column to get a copy). Kellie herself can be heard on radio programs such as CBS/CNN Radio, Motivational Radio, Baby Boomers Radio, MomPreneurs Radio and many others.

Kellie believes her life is what it is today because of her faith in God, the love and support of her family and genuine persistence to grow and evolve.

She loves her family dearly, and enjoys spending time with family and friends hiking, biking, boating and listening to inspiring stories.  Her greatest honors in giving back to her community include HOSPICE volunteering and mentoring young professionals in the city of Greenville.  Kellie also had the distinct honor of having a school for needy children in Masaka, Uganda named after her.

Speaking Topics:

==> Let The Real YOU Show Up!

==> 3 Steps to Move Beyond Doubt and Self-sabotage

==> Staying Inspired With VISION, POWER & ACTION For Life


==> Building SUCCESS is Building Authority

==> How to stay focused as a Business Owner

==> Building LOYALTY While Your Love

==> How to Connect Both Head and Heart in Conversation


“Kellie is a rare and beautiful gift to this planet. She has a crystal clear vision and takes inspired action to see it through, again and again. I leave every interaction with Kellie empowered and bursting with love! I highly recommend Kellie as a motivational speaker and success coach. She inspires us all to be more than we ever thought we could possibly be, and it is an honor to know her and call her a friend.”
Beth Nelson-Allen, Owner, MeetBethAllen.com

“Kellie Frazier is not only a sensitive, caring and a powerful speaker, she is an exemplary example of success that we can all learn from. She has taken, what for some people would be a life-defeating personal illness, and has transformed not only her own thoughts and process and career, but the lives of so many others.  She is doing her not so small part in changing the world.”
Dr. Erica Goodstone – Solo Practitioner, FL

“Kellie is an inspiring, knowledgeable businesswoman! The more I work with her the more I learn about business and personal growth. Her parenting work is insightful and gets to the heart of issues between parents and kids. I highly recommend that you check out Kellie’s work!”
Jacqueline Green – Great Parenting Practices, Canada

“If you are looking for someone who understands the true meaning of “Integrity” as it pertains to business, personal and life, then you need to get in touch with Kellie. Kellie uses her creative ability to think outside the box and help others when most say it can’t be done, give up and walk away. I feel honored and privileged to know Kellie and have worked with her on several occasions and will continue to do business with her and any company she represents. A True Professional!”
Jutta Taylor – Owner of Taylored Investments, IN


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