A Brave Leader Rescues Children and Connects Them to Love



Much of my work involves interviewing people who do extraordinary things so every now and then I interview someone who goes way beyond human limitation, then helps the rest of us see that we can all take part in a much bigger role in life.

Today I want to introduce a brave man named Marcus Young.  Marcus is a child rescuer.  What does a child rescuer do?  The short answer is that he rescues kids from the victimization of terrorists who take them from their homes as young as age 2. They are conscripted into armies then trained to kill and torture others.  That’s right, as young as age 2, and there are hundreds of thousands of kids all over the world being conscripted.

The hair on my arms is standing straight up as I type these words to you.  The reason is obvious for anyone who has a child of their own, but what I find most amazing is the victory that comes out of rescuing these children.

Marcus and the Project AK-47 Group have created schools, shelters, and homes for these kids to live in a loving and nurturing environment.  It’s true that they are permanently scarred and horribly emotionally damaged, but there is also great triumph for those who knew a different life prior to being forced to live destructively.

My gift to you today is this exclusive interview with Marcus where he will tell us about one young girl who’s continuous stream of tears had to tell of the horrors she underwent because her words could not, after she was rescued.

His interview can be heard for free right here and please share this with as many friends and family as you can so we can do our small part to help.

FREE INTERVIEW HERE —-> http://kelliefrazier.com/marcusyoung/

I feel the life that Marcus and his group choose to live is unbelievably brave, but to them it’s just being socially responsible.  They’ve created numerous ways for us to help them; for instance, we can purchase a set of dog tags with a child’s name on it for $10. Take a look –> dog tags here.

But if all you can do right now is re-tweet and forward this message all over the globe for the sake of other children who need rescuing, then please do it.  I know you will – and I want you to know how much Marcus and all involved in project AK47 appreciate your efforts.

Connecting to community, and seeing transformations happen, can be profound particularly when its your own community. Kellie\'s simple truths brings people back to the basics of emotional connections with faith, hope and love. Invite her to speak at your next event today.
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6 Responses to A Brave Leader Rescues Children and Connects Them to Love

  1. I think that this kind of journey is amazing. I read the book “Half The Sky” recently and it opened my eyes to the many things we may be taking for granted in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing this great story and I only wish that more people get to see this message.

    I for one will share this with everyone I know.



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  3. Val Wilcox says:

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story about people stepping up and doing something about a situation that they will not accept. I applaud this group for taking action!

    Val :)


    Kellie Reply:

    Me too Val. Thank you to both you and Jose for forwarding this on. Truly both appalling and amazing at the same time.


  4. Bill Hartman says:

    What a Great Post, It is great to see those that truly do make a difference in others lives. Thank you for sharing this story, its not something that we see in the main street media.


  5. For those of us that come from civilized nations its often easy to forget situations in less civilized areas of the word. Its only thakns to rescuers like Marcus that these abducted children have anything even vaugely resembling a healthy life. What a powerful story to share Kellie. Its inspiring to see people taking action, particularly action that is this dangerous yet this important to the lives of children.


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