Is Your Life Going in Different Directions? – You Are 3-Dimensional So That Makes Perfect Sense! Pillar One


What causes our lives to feel so out of control?  Is it pressure to perform?  Pressure that others put on us or what we allow on ourselves?

Do you realize that there has never been a “ladder to climb”, or “fame to acquire” or even the thought of “becoming successful” when it comes to the internal workings of a human being?  I know you’ve been taught that success is vital and it comes in these various ways but I tell you it’s all poppycock!

The Internal Order You Possess is 3-dimensional. We each have a body, a mind and a spirit but we didn’t have to DO anything to obtain them.   They were each given to us without the slightest amount of pressure to perform something successful. There was one initial requirement from the creator; obedience in love.  In order to lovingly obey, we MUST keep these dimensions in good working order to provide optimum health, for us to live a healthy lifestyle, no matter what direction we choose.

You are in a constant position of leadership over your life.  How do I know?  God allows us to choose.   There are times when the pressures moves us in different directions, like a reed in the wind swaying from side to side, and when this happens we look for something else to blame.  What we don’t realize is that this is a symptom that something within our 3-dimensional system (mind, body or spirit), is out of order.

Jim Rohn and Chris Widener wrote a small book called “Twelve Pillars” and it describes the road to find direction in your life.  Are you interested in a breakdown of those extremely important pillars?

Let me challenge you, even if you think you live by them already, repetition is the solidification of memory.

Pillar Number 1:

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

Your character is far more important than your skills.  How do I know this?  Because you were not born with tools in your hands, but you were born with a mind and heart to develop your character.  The tools came along later as an added bonus to aid in bringing more abundant blessings in to your life.

Lets use the garden analogy because it’s simple to understand.

May I ask you a simple question:  If your life were a garden would you allow the garden to be over-run with weeds?

Everyone wants to believe they would never do that and say they would harvest a substantially large amount of produce rather than weeds… but lets think about it.

After planting your rows of seed, what pops up first, the plant or the weeds?  (Unless you’ve taken steps to put down a protective barrier to keep the weeds from coming up through the rows the right answer is weeds.)

Within a few days you’ll see the weeds grow and you tell yourself you’ll get to them tomorrow.  You realize it takes time and energy to pull the weeds up but you’re too busy or too tired, which allows the weeds several more days to grow in the garden.  I’ve been guilty of this before.

When you do make the time to weed its just enough so that the weeds won’t completely choke out the vegetation.  The problem is the vegetation still suffers from all the extra insects and roots near the plants.  I’ve been guilty of this also.

There are many gardeners who will look at someone else’s garden and criticize or tell them how to garden while their own produce suffers at home.  Oh my no….I’d never…um..well okay…(red faced)…I’ve been guilty of this too on occasion.

So back to the Pillar…

Working harder on yourself means choosing to be a life-long consistent gardener.  Pulling out the weeds in your own life weekly, daily so that your character develops vast amounts of produce to share.  Eventually you become the type of gardener that others come to count on as being wise, and someone who shares plentiful amounts of fruits or vegetables.  (This is the law of attraction at it’s best)

In the past few days I’ve spoken to 4 people who say they don’t know their purpose, don’t know how to find it, or where to begin looking for it, or what direction they should even begin looking.   Here is how I respond to these people:

1. First, decide what you want for your garden of life just like you would decide what seeds to plant.  If that includes prayer then begin with that. You may also want to ask yourself a few questions like:

  • Do I want corn?  Do I want carrots?
  • Why do I want these things?
  • How will they benefit my life or the lives of others?

2. Talk to others who know their purpose or ask yourself a set of questions that will allow you time to figure it out.

  • What do others feel I’m good at planting? (this means asking)
  • What do others feel I’m not good at planting?
  • Listen to the answers objectively and write them down.

I want to be very clear about the importance of WRITING THEM DOWN.

Without writing down your desires you will neglect them just like you would your garden.   Every successful person I know has written goals and keeps them where they can see them, including myself.  Some of my greatest teachers are successful because of how well they have tended their gardens – NOT because they make 6 or 7 figure incomes.  It can often take a constant reminder to stay on the path of gardening so put your desires where you will see them daily.

When your brain confirms what you want, your body and spirit will follow.

If your mind is telling you this is selfish or “That God doesn’t want this for me”…read what the Bible says regarding ‘the desires of your heart’ and allow yourself to be amazed.  You can turn your weeds into incredible gardens!

Educate in every way that aligns with your purpose; listen to CD’s in your car, read, attend events that teach about your desire, get to know others who already do what you want to do.  These are some of the very best ways to keep your garden weeded.  The more you learn the more you will produce greater character and less weeds.

You will find Pillar 2 –>HERE

If you found this a good reminder please pass it on to your fellow tweeters or facebook friends and comment below.  Abundant Blessings!

Connecting to community, and seeing transformations happen, can be profound particularly when its your own community. Kellie\'s simple truths brings people back to the basics of emotional connections with faith, hope and love. Invite her to speak at your next event today.
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27 Responses to Is Your Life Going in Different Directions? – You Are 3-Dimensional So That Makes Perfect Sense! Pillar One

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  2. Val Wilcox says:

    I’ve read parts of Jim’s book. So true that to find your purpose first and foremost will help you in deciding what direction you are heading.

    This saying resonates with me: When your brain confirms what you want, your body and spirit will follow. The awesome power of our minds when we set to a decision and go there with all our heart!

    I’ve been defining and clarifying mine since writing it down. Ideas flow & gel for me.
    Val :)


    Kellie Reply:

    I know it takes believing before seeing sometimes but many people have to believe it in order to see it. Every time I look at a light bulb I am reminded that someone had to dream it before they saw it become a reality. Edison also had to fail a thousand times before the light bulb worked, so I’ve found lots of encouragement from that. Good to hear from you my friend.


  3. Nelson says:

    Isn’t it interesting Kellie that many of the great ones in this field of Personal Development all have this same perceptive. of “Spirit, Soul, and Body”. Of the ones I am familiar with, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Earl Nightengale, all claim this phrase and they will declare it as coming from Scripture or GOD. Thessalonians 5:23 probably is the bases of their thoughts. You gave a well defined post on what I believe is the critical thinking point on which we will succeed or fail. Thanks you Kellie for putting this forth.


    Kellie Reply:

    Hi Nelson! Thank you for visiting Connecting again and again…

    You’re so right about the critical thinking point of succeed or fail. There is one other point and that is to remain emotionally connected at all times so our logical mind doesn’t over-rule any given situation. Not always easy to do, but certainly a must for anyone wanting to stay connected to success.


  4. Wow… and this is just the first pillar! You’ve done an incredible job, here, Kellie.

    I’ve often thought it was so important what I “did” and what I “accomplish”. I still get caught up in the immediacy of the chase. But, through prayer and reflection, I have come to understand that my actions are really insignificant. I’m not called to perfection, or even to effort… I’m called to faith. That faith comes in the form of Complete Trust that HE who created me will always and solely sustain me. Through that faith I am called to love as closely as possible, to the degree that I have been loved not because of what I do or accomplish, but simply because I am.

    Working harder on myself means letting go of my focus on achievement at any level, and trusting solely in the love that underlies my creation and sustains my life.

    I always love your posts, Kellie, but this is truly one of my favorites… and I can’t wait to get to Pillar 2!


    Kellie Reply:

    I’m blessed. You are spot on about letting go of our achievement-driven minds, its what pulls us away from being connected rather than what draws us nearer. Once I understood that concept it was smooth sailing from there. CNN radio interview this weekend is one of those blessings. Had I not made the choice to let go, none of my success would be happening. I stick with the reason behind what I do without worrying about the ‘how’ anymore. Life flows as its suppose to, and for the record, I too look forward to Pillar 2. These are great reminders for me as well.

    I am so grateful to tribes for keeping us in touch with one another. You are such a gifted writer. So my question to you is…..when are you going to write your book?


  5. Lesly says:

    Kellie, pretty amazing things you write about.. thought provoking and inspirational. I certainly think that you have to work harder on yourself. I am the only one I can change, and charge, awareness takes a lot of work – but takes a lot of strength to do it. It’s all worth while though. Looking forward to Pillar #2!


    Kellie Reply:

    Thank you Lesly and I’m grateful to know you find the posts here both provoking and inspiring and hopefully it will make us all reach just a little bit higher inside to stretch who we are. That’s my goal! Thanks for dropping by.


  6. Kellie, I love this post. The garden analogy is great. I look forward to reading about the second pillar!


  7. Curt Bizelli says:

    Hey Kellie,
    Awesome blog post. Reminds me I need to pluck and water my garden (for real, hehe). But also with my mind and soul. I know its important to do a daily inventory allowing myself to THINK and WRITE DOWN the things I did within a day, character defects (things I need to improve on), then also the positive: What am I grateful for? I see this as part of “gardening” our minds and spirits. Do I always keep up with doing it? heck no. I’ll be the first to admit, I have a long way to go when it comes to certain things like following through. THE COOL THING about this is I recognize what the problem is therefore I CAN weed my garden. Its important to water your garden to, so thanks for the hydration you gave me via this blog post! :-)
    God’s Blessings,


    Kellie Reply:

    “Hydration” very nice. :) We’re all on a journey Curt and it’s my pleasure to be on it with people like you. A virtual hug my friend.


  8. Chris Bernardo says:


    Thanks for writing this post , i find the information that you have shared of great value to the people that i connect with and going to pass this on to my tribe. I look forward to reading more from you.



  9. Sue Collier says:

    Hey Kellie,

    I came across Jim Rohn and many other inspirational leaders late in life! How I wish I had read all these amazing thoughts years ago. However, I have been reading for the last few years and I feel I am in a much better place and a much better person now than I was when I was younger.

    Thanks for reminding us all of these pillars; very thought provoking! Looking forward to the next one.

    Great to connect with you.



    Kellie Reply:

    I can so relate to what you’re saying Sue, but what we do now makes just as much difference as what we did back then so stay in the moment and keep looking ahead. Thank you for commenting.


  10. Johanna Brem says:

    Hi Kellie,
    thanks for this insightful article on how to find direction in life. I haven’t read this book the ‘Twelve Pillars’. However you have intrigued me and I will go and buy it. In the meantime I am looking forward to reading the next pillar and hear your interpretation of it.


  11. A very inspiring post Kellie. Looking forward to Pillar 2.

    Wendy Hewlett


  12. bobbi says:

    Loved this article…. inspirational and motivational. It is one thing to inspire but then to direct others on the path that will take them in the direction they want to go … this is excellence. Good job! Will be looking forward to Pillar 2.


    Kellie Reply:

    Well I learned much from this book so I’m glad you are looking forward to Pillar Two!


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  17. Beth Allen says:

    I am so excited about this series! Yes, great minds think alike. :)

    This first pillar is so important ~ we must know what we want in our garden and then consistently and passionately tend to our garden! And sure, it takes a lot of work, but if you put so much heart, time and energy into something, why would you just let it get lost in weeds?

    Whether we experience success or failure, ultimately both are based on on the small actions we repeat every day…..

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring post, Kellie, you are a beautiful writer.


    Kellie Reply:

    Beth you are very kind, thank you. There are 4 other pillars already written so take a peek at the rest when you get a chance. Since there are 12 all together I’ll be here a while so keep coming back if you find it of value. Blessings my friend!


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