Knowing Where You Are Headed is Vision – Pillar Four


I will totally enjoy sharing the next few Pillars that Jim Rohn’s and Chris Widener shared in their book Twelve Pillars.  The next few make so much sense that if you practice them you’ll see your life change almost immediately.

Pillar Number Four – Achieving Your Goals

Perhaps you get tired of hearing about goal setting, or you are already an expert goal setter and achiever, but either way this may be a new message for you.

Goal setting is by far one of the most critical ways to live an intentional life.   All those who have gone before you, and succeeded in large and small ways, whether you agree with them or not, have two main characteristics in their lives.   A few names you may recognize: Thomas Edison, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Jesus Christ.

They each had a goal and they each achieved that goal by going through both pain and joy during their journey. It wasn’t that they wanted to suffer greatly in any way, but it was an understanding of  suffering that led them to believe that no matter what, they would succeed. I see two strong traits in these leaders.

1. They all had optimism in their vision which translates to hope

2. They all had a ‘why’ that was larger than their will

Think about what they were like before they felt led to these higher callings. Born at different times, living lives that were not all that extraordinary as children, but as they grew their values and purpose got stronger. No matter how many times they were slandered, or called a fool, they kept going.

What made them keep going?  How come they didn’t give up?

I believe it comes back to human will, which we all have.  Jesus said, “Not my will, but thine.”  He knew where he was headed and he also knew that the ‘why’, the hope for a better life for all, would prevent his will from turning back.

It was not the goal that made these folks great but what it made of them to accomplish the goals they expected to accomplish.  Jim Rhon made that statement a great force in my mind.

I mentioned in a previous post “Two Kinds of Leaders” that when I was 6-years-old I convinced myself that there were only 2 types people; the loving and kind – the unloving and unkind because of what one man did to change my world.

I felt that one group believes that there is someone out there watching over them and that no matter what – it fills them with hope.  The other group I believed was forever doubtful, suspicious about everything, feeling alone which fills them with fear.

I didn’t know the words, suspicious or doubtful at age 6, however, when I learned what they meant I knew I didn’t want to integrate them into my personal philosophy.  I vowed that I would believe in hope for as long as I lived and I’ve never looked back, which is why I now teach Connecting emotionally to your own Vision~Power~Action plan.

Goals that bring value to others, as well as to yourself and your own family, often become so important that they eventually change the world.

My client asked, “Don’t you first need to know ‘how’ your goals are going to happen?”

Not at all, but you can create goals in a way that will allow your will to be open to increasing every lesson one step at a time.  Every lesson, whether an easy or harsh situation, will help you evolve and ask, “What can I learn from this to move ahead and to share it with the rest of the world?”

So write down what your goals are for the end of today.  That’s right, Mr. Rohn suggests starting with the end of your day, the end of your week, the end of the month or even year and work backwards.  What do you want to achieve?  Once your mind is cognitively aware of the goals your body goes to work on achieving them.  Your very first goal can be to write your first goal!

My love for you is increasing by the day as I evolve and grow in my own life and I want to assure you that  you won’t always know ‘how’ to continue to move ahead on your journey but your entire job is to trust, then take a step, trust then take another step toward whatever goal you want to acheive.

My first and greatest goal toward success was in believing that God is truly watching over me and that no matter what – I am to continue trusting and sharing what I learn every step of the way with you.  That may not seem like much right now, but if you believe it you too can achieve it.

Just in case you want to get caught up on the prior Success Pillars here they are:  ONE, TWO, and THREE

Please comment and/or share and as always know that I appreciate you!

Connecting to community, and seeing transformations happen, can be profound particularly when its your own community. Kellie\'s simple truths brings people back to the basics of emotional connections with faith, hope and love. Invite her to speak at your next event today.
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6 Responses to Knowing Where You Are Headed is Vision – Pillar Four

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  2. Val Wilcox says:

    You’ve highlighted such a key area in achieving your dreams. It’s not the how, it’s the why and what that are most important. Set your intention, know what result you want, and the mechanisms will show up!

    S hard to let go and believe, yet so empowering. Letting go and trusting, wonderful words to take to heart!
    Val :)


  3. Teach Jim says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the Goal Getters program we shared with our elementary students. I remember teaching them then… a goal not written is only a wish. Thanks for the reminders.


  4. I love how you inspire me and so many others Kellie! Yes, vision is critical, and no, we don’t need to worry about the how of the goal. I stated years ago at a motivational course that my vision was to help millions of parents. It has taken me over 6 years to see how this is possible. I am in awe of the whole process. I believe completely that what our goal shapes and grows us in beautiful, awesome ways. We just have to accept our vision, nurture it, pray, and then trust.

    Thanks for sharing and acting on your vision in doing so. I love reading more about Jim Rohn as well, a man who clearly had a major vision that he committed to.


  5. Larry Bilich says:

    Hello Kellie,

    Enjoyed this post very much. You are so right on about what you say on Goal setting…

    Especially these two traits…

    1. They all had optimism in their vision which translates to hope

    2. They all had a ‘why’ that was larger than their will

    Keep up the great work and spreading your joy to the world…

    Wishing you all my best…


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