Is This Insanity or Creativity?


This morning I wrote a letter to some associates. After receiving their responses; “I totally get you!” “I know exactly what you mean!” I decided to share it with you, my readers, and see if you too understand and want to know others who can lift you up and say, “Your dreams ARE worth it!”


“Since speaking to you both last lots has happened in my life, and I am wondering if we can do a call sooner rather than later.  We will be moving so I have a million and one things to do before we head south in 3 weeks. If we wait, it won’t happen for over a month.

Ladies, I must be insane to even be considering starting one more project at this time.  Between my husband’s company taking on new clients that I serve, to the team I oversee, to creating products for my own company of Connecting, doing PR work, getting my daughter through her last homeschooled year, and now moving. Any one in their right mind would snap – right?  But it all feels amazing to me.

There is something in me that is so ‘over the top’ right now.  Is it an obsession?  I really don’t know. I literally can’t hold a normal conversation with anyone (especially in these past few weeks) without hearing every word as something wonderful to create that can help so many people.

It’s like I was hit with a bolt of lightening or something….. creativity I guess you could say, and now every idea comes bubbling up from inside of me and suddenly I’m speaking in tongues during the conversation. I say that metaphorically because no one else understands what I’m talking about, and I can’t explain it well enough to them as to why I thought the conversation we were just having is so amazing or powerful.  To them its just their ‘venting’ or ‘talking’, but to me it’s all beauty, surrender and love, amazing grace, on and on, and then immediately I think, “Wow, this could easily be turned into a product that could change lives.”

I know you both know what I’m talking about.  It’s just that I honestly feel like I can’t control my desire to create when this happens. I can only describe it as labor pains before the birth of a new baby that will bring so much fulfillment and joy and yet its incomprehensible because there is no time.

Is this what it feels like to lose it?  Could I be insane already and not realize it? Perhaps, but I’d rather think of it as a blessing that is more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. I even wonder if this is, on a very small scale, the way God felt when he created the world, or how he still feels each time something new is created. It’s purely indescribable.

So that is where I’m at ladies. If this has frightened you my apologies. If not, then lets schedule a call asap. I have Tuesday of next week fairly open but that is the only day. Pick a time if that works for you and I’ll do my best to work around it.  I will record our call in case it’s brilliant – and we want to air it or create a bonus product out of it as a planning session for other entrepreneurial women who want to create. We can talk about whether or not a series is what we want to do or if just one call is sufficient.

Okay, I’m not going to re-read this because I don’t want to know how truly nuts it does sound. Denial is priceless when you have a lot going on. lol But if it frightens you and you’d rather not work together I will understand so don’t hesitate to be honest.

Abundant Blessings,”


Why would I share such personal information with the world?

Maybe you are in the 2% of those who feel the need to constantly create but are held back by fear.  Maybe you too know the sting of pain when someone tells you your dream is just a silly idea or your idea is a silly dream.

There are plenty of others who DO understand and you are not alone.  If you are one of US….you need to connect!

Drop your name and email in to the right so we can keep in touch.  Comment below so we know who you are so we can tell you that your dream DOES matter.

Connecting to community, and seeing transformations happen, can be profound particularly when its your own community. Kellie\'s simple truths brings people back to the basics of emotional connections with faith, hope and love. Invite her to speak at your next event today.
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2 Responses to Is This Insanity or Creativity?

  1. Mario Miranda says:

    It is very scary to be creative and to thonk outside of the boundaries of what society and family expects of you. And MOST scary of all is that when you go out on a limb the chances of success are slim. It’s always safer to have the “regular” aspirations. Thanks for sharing this very encouraging post.


    Kellie Reply:

    Very true Mario and thanks for commenting. Just when we think we are alone in something we soon discover there are so many others who also think out of the box, like Theodore Roosevelt, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and even those who one would least expect, like the Helen Keller’s of the world. Keep doing what you’re doing Mario and creating value for people. I notice and so will others. Thanks for dropping by and feel free to stay in touch.


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