Kelly Falardeau Says, “Self-Esteem Doesn’t Come in a Bottle.”


If you knew Kelly Falardeau, you would love her. She is just one of those people who inspires people from all walks of life to greatness.
Kelly doesn’t let fear stop her – when she wants to achieve something, she just does. And she helps others do the same.

Kelly says, “I help people take the “T” out of can’t.”

Kelly is a burn survivor of an accident at the age of 2, when 75% of her body was burnt.  Regardless, listening to her is powerfully motivating because she does not let circumstances dictate her success. In fact, she was selected out of 1500-women to compete in a model search competition and won the People’s Choice award. She also won the Fierce Woman of the Year 2010 award and was featured on the cover of Be Fabulous.

“Just because you aren’t perfect, it doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful.” says Kelly, who’s scars are evident, but clearly accepted.

Kelly has been featured on television, magazines and radio shows and if you didn’t hear her interview on my show the other night you have got to take some time to log in on the right.  You’ll hear 5 incredible interviews for free, including one of my favorites with Kelly.  She is also the author of ‘No Risk No Rewards’, the story of how she went from near-death to success.

Kelly wrote her second book ‘Self Esteem Doesn’t Come in a Bottle’ and it launches TODAY!  Kelly has been approached by women who said they had something magical in a bottle that would make her scars disappear and make her beautiful. She knew there was no way her scars would disappear; she knew her self-esteem had to come from her heart and soul.

Kelly’s new book transforms lives (I can attest to that personally) and helps women learn how to feel Greater than Great, just like she does. This book is also great for the teenagers in your life who may struggle with their own inner beauty and self-worth. It not only has Kelly’s secrets to self-esteem and real action steps you can take to transform your own life, but also has secrets from 50 of her friends (yes, I’m in it too)!

I want to help Kelly to share her message with youth and adults around the world by asking you to share this email with your friends/family.  Let’s help her make this well-deserved book, an Amazon bestseller by purchasing her book ‘Self Esteem Doesn’t Come in a Bottle’ today, Oct 25th, at:

Thank you friend!

Connecting to community, and seeing transformations happen, can be profound particularly when its your own community. Kellie\'s simple truths brings people back to the basics of emotional connections with faith, hope and love. Invite her to speak at your next event today.
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2 Responses to Kelly Falardeau Says, “Self-Esteem Doesn’t Come in a Bottle.”

  1. What an inspiring story! Self esteem is a big issue, especially in today’s world and in women’s circles. Yes, it does not come out of a bottle. It takes work on ones’ self to accomplish it. This story will inspire so many people – especially women – to take a good long look at their inner self and boost that self esteem.
    This is a hot topic and the book sounds fascinating!


    Kellie Reply:

    I couldn’t agree more Donna. Kelly is pretty amazing and if you want to hear a fantastic (fun and funny) interview with her check out my radio show. She was one of those whom you can’t forget! Thanks for commenting my friend.


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