How to Connect Positive Manifesting During Thanksgiving


Thank you for coming to read this post.  I am manifesting right now, that you will leave a comment at the end of this post, and share the post with others. Why?  My desire for you is that you will connect with your own positive manifesting and share it with authentic thanksgiving in your heart.

My family and I moved into a new home in South Carolina last week.  It was a huge move half way across the country and I was very excited about it because I believe change is good for the soul.

I tend to manifest both the positive and the negative events in my life extremely well.  There are many different phrases we trainers have for this such as; prayer and meditation, setting intentions, making dreams a reality, the law of attraction, taking ownership, reaping what you sow… but how does it really work?

What is manifesting? It is an indication of the existence, reality, or presence of something.  This “something” can be an illness, a relationship, a paycheck, or even a move across the country!

When I pray I do it believing that the desires of my heart are already becoming a reality.  I make a conscious decision to pray with a deep conviction that my prayers are already being answered.  Most people have to have concrete evidence in order to believe in something.  I however, believe in manifesting because I see my desires already in motion in my mind and I am grateful for the outcome EVEN IF in some cases it takes years before I can experience it.  In my latest book, Connecting, Faith, Hope and Love, you can read how I developed the skill of manifesting, and how you too can experience it for yourself in just 10 minutes a day.

My most recent manifestations are personal, however, I’d like to share a couple of them with you if that’s okay.  This past June I asked my family to believe that a move into a much larger home, in a much larger area, in a much warmer climate, with tremendous connections and greater opportunities was possible.  That was asking a LOT I knew, but I also knew that over the years we had all wanted to move, and had only ‘wished’ it to be so.  Wishful thinking is not the same as manifesting, or preparing for an outcome.  Wishful thinking is simply waiting around, and more than likely complaining because your wish hasn’t happened yet.

I knew that if I could encourage my husband and teenage daughter, and connect them to the  BELIEF that it was possible, that it would be different this time.  The most challenging step to manifesting anything is to see it as already being in existence in  your mind. That takes greater faith.  I’m not talking about a magic Genie. I’m talking about a God who encourages us to believe that, “all things are possible”.

Belief is one thing, taking action on a level of deep faith is quite another.  It’s stepping out of your comfort zone even when you think you might sink.  If you want something you cannot sit idly by and wait for it to come along. You MUST plan and prepare with courage and faith.  This means staying positive and trusting.  How do I know this?  The Bible talks of manifesting, but never once does it say to do nothing. In fact, it says to ‘Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established’.

Plan by committing first, then prepare by moving into action to make your dreams become a reality.

Back to my story…

By November, we not only moved south into a much larger, more beautiful home, but this move has also brought incredible opportunities. While we were unloading boxes into our new home I stopped for 10 minutes just to sit quiet and thank God for every big and little experience we were having, as well as the big and little experiences we were going to have because of living here.  I manifested having Thanksgiving dinner with my married children (who lived out-of-state) and believed we would be together for the first time in 10 years.  In my prayer I also told God I was thankful that we would meet someone who could steer us in the right direction, thankful that we could get familiar with our new surroundings quickly and that someone was going to help get us connected with people we could serve in our new community.

That same afternoon, while we were standing outside a store picking up a chair we had purchased, there was a gentleman who noticed our Michigan license plate. He commented that he was originally from Michigan.  He also noticed that our car was purchased in the same town where he currently worked.  As we continued to talk we also discovered that he was in the Navy (like my husband), and that they were attached to the same military base.  This next “coincidence” is the most AMAZING part.  When we told him where we chose to live and which house we lived in, he lit up like a tree and informed us that he was the original owner of our home (purchased 20 yrs ago) here in SC.  Out of 14,000 people in this busy little town do you think it was sheer coincidence we ran into him!?

Just a few days after being here I stopped again for my usual quiet time with God and said a heart-felt prayer of thanksgiving for the new opportunities that are coming our way.  That same evening I received a phone call from an organization called Women’s Information Network (WIN).   I was invited to be the Event Director for the North and South Carolina for WIN.  I was ecstatic because I will be helping to strengthen women and their families, or businesses world-wide, through education, enlightenment and entrepreneurship.  In doing so my team will be doing our best to educate, with the goal of eradicating illiteracy and hunger.  This is an amazing opportunity to give back. (If you’re in the Charlotte NC, or Greenville SC, area let me know so you can attend!)

There are more blessings than I can count, but I think you get the picture. Please don’t think I share these things to boast. I am sharing my own experiences of what manifesting with steadfast belief, combined with taking action has done for me, and can and WILL do for you as well. It takes just 10 minutes a day to instill this powerful mindset.

This Thanksgiving holiday won’t you consider what you want for your life?

1. Get clear

2. Thank God for what you have and what will be brought into your life

3. Hold the belief in your heart and mind that it will happen no matter how long it takes

4. Plan and prepare for the outcome.

To learn more about this topic subscribe to my 5 FREE Radio Shows above (and to the right) because each of these interviews talks about dreams being fulfilled, and seeing the unique outcomes of them.  Regardless of what anybody else may tell you, your desires are important.  Act on them today with the steadfast belief in the outcome you desire.  Don’t let another day go by without manifesting with thanksgiving from your heart.  And don’t forget to comment below and share this message with a friend.  Abundant Blessings and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! <3  

Connecting to community, and seeing transformations happen, can be profound particularly when its your own community. Kellie\'s simple truths brings people back to the basics of emotional connections with faith, hope and love. Invite her to speak at your next event today.
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3 Responses to How to Connect Positive Manifesting During Thanksgiving

  1. Janet says:

    Kellie, thank you for sharing your wonderful insights. Even encouragers need encouragement at times. This having been a painful year to me in many ways, it is a point well taken to be reminded of “no matter how long”. You have motivated me to resume my blog, which addresses giving even when it hurts.


    Kellie Reply:

    Thank you for sharing Janet. Yes, do give, and keep giving no matter what. My book talks about finding healing and forgiveness in just 10 minutes a day. Its a wonderful way to find healing. Love and hugs! Kellie


  2. Rebecca says:

    What a Wonderful post Kellie! It sounds like you have been truly Blessed! Keep doing what you do and keep giving from your heart and believing in Miracles and prayer. God is soooo….good! Amen!


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