Top Ten List Of Powerful and Influential Speakers of 2011


Welcome to my Top Ten List of Powerful and Influential Speakers for 2011. As per usual, they are in no particular order.

For review – there are 5 qualifications I look for in a great leader:

1. Do they draw a clear line between what they will do and won’t do, not what they can or can’t do?

2. Do they influence others in heart-felt ways and live out their BEST in all they do?

3. Do they follow through with what they say they will do?

4. Do they make it easy for others to follow their lead? and finally…

5. Do they give to others from their heart and not just for show?

Today’s culture has shifted to a more socially conscious society. People caring about people and wanting to see change that is clear, concise and filled with hope. People want to listen to those that are emotionally connected, speaking to the heart of what matters. These leaders are not listed in any particular order as they are all equally and vitally as important to our world as they are to me personally.

1. Derek Sivers – Founder of CDBaby, who treats work as play. He believes that whatever scares you, you should simply go and do it. He loves to learn, is a minimalist (meaning he is happy living with little) and Derek brought simplified leadership into our lives through T.E.D. with one simple video of a guy dancing while others followed. Derek continues to mentor and inspire us with each of his, often comical, profound views points of leadership.

2. Scott Martineau – Founder of ConsciousOne. A fabulous heart-centered speaker who knows how to help you bring increase to your life. He is a true conscious, benevolent leader who creates high performance systems for leading experts in the fields of personal and professional development. Scott is a gifted speaker who exemplifies great speaking, just by speaking, whether there is a stage or not.

3. Max Simon – Founder of GetSelfCentered. The name isn’t what you think. Most would relate it to selfishness and being self sufficient, but Max teaches to be grounded to the source of life and to center yourself with the spirit of your creator so you are never alone. His teachings are profoundly gratifying and you are able to consistently build upon his astounding business systems for your own business.

4. Oprah Winfrey – Founder of OWN. Okay, so she’s not a stage presenter, and I realize that Oprah’s show was either something you loved or hated, but what I find so refreshing was her entrance into the on-line world and how humbling it was for her. Nothing could have prepared her for this huge step, but she is doing it with as much grace as she possibly can. She made my list last year for the simple fact that she lives her truest self even in the public eye. She exceeds her own expectations of what she can accomplish in life and isn’t afraid to tackle the impossible.

5. Jeni Stepanek – Founder of MattieOnLine. If you have not heard Jeni speak, do not wait. She will captivate your heart on the subject of peace, but it is not easy for her from her wheelchair. Her youngest son, Mattie, became a phenom by the young age 13, writing poetry and becoming an advocate for world peace. When you hear mom Jeni speak, you would understand where he got some of his courage from, although I doubt she would take credit. Mattie died at the age of 13, from the same disease her 3 other children died from, which one can’t even imagine what she’s been through, but Jeni shares personal stories of courage and coping tips dealing with tragedy. Mattie’s message became hers, and as a side note, Oprah Winfrey’s was one of Mattie’s closest friends.

6. Paula Fellingham – Founder of WomensInformationNetwork and WomensGlobalSummit.  A charming speaker who is engaging women worldwide in experiencing a transformation of consciousness. Transformation in the lives of millions of women around the world will help prevent illiteracy, poverty and hunger.

7. Kelly Falardeau – Founder of MyKellyF. Kelly maybe fairly new on the scene but you would never know it. A best selling author for her latest book ‘Self Esteem Doesn’t Come In a Bottle’, her speaking career has taken off. As burn survivor, Kelly feels quitting was never an option for her. She was burned over 75% of her body at the age of 2, and this sparked a determination in her that will make you question what on earth you ever have to complain about. She will make you laugh, cry and dance in your seat while she shares her stories and inspires you to accept the beauty you have inside of you.

8. Dennis Cummins – Chiropractor and Lead Trainer for Peak Potentials. Dennis has a heart that seems more broad than the Atlantic ocean, which matches his passion for helping others. He teaches that there are as many successes as failures in life and that nothing is more important that lifting up the relationships you build. His ability to command a room and garner people’s attention is what changes lives around the world.

9. Gary Karp – A spokesman for the uniquely-abled, Gary creates an interactive environment from his wheelchair to discuss topics that are often uncomfortable and challenging. His contributions on stage brings deep understanding to a workplace and entertainment to the audience. A wonderful person to get to know.

10. Joyce Meyer – Founder of the Joyce Meyer Ministries. God’s Love is the foundation for this amazing speaker. Joyce is like the Aunt that every kid dreams of having in their family. She is down to earth, full of life and gives you the kick in the pants you need to get beyond yourself. Joyce has the ability to bring you into a focus of heart-centered virtues and being more like Jesus.

So there you have it, my list for the most profound speakers in 2011 dealing with matters of the heart. These folks are the real deal when it comes to love and life.

If you find this article helpful feel free to forward it on or use it any way you see fit.  I just ask that you keep my name and web address attached to it.  Abundant Blessing in 2012!!

Connecting to community, and seeing transformations happen, can be profound particularly when its your own community. Kellie\'s simple truths brings people back to the basics of emotional connections with faith, hope and love. Invite her to speak at your next event today.
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