People ask me all the time “HOW DID YOU GET WHERE YOU ARE TODAY?”


The secret to my success has been finding what my truth is. Any thought I had in my mind, I asked first if the thought were true or if it was only my beliefs that were making it sound as though it were true. You must find out what your truth is.

I also relied on the best coaches to teach the different skills I wanted to learn. For instance, when I wanted to become a radio show host I learned from Teleseminarian Guru Alex Mandossian. When I wanted to help people see the desires of their heart more clearly, I learned from Dream Coach Marcia Weider. When I wanted to write a book I learned how to do it from the Author of one of the highest selling books, Chicken Soup for The Soul, Mark Victor Hansen. Today, as a Keynote Speaker and Seminar Director for Women’s Information Network, I rely on one of my best coaches Max Simon to guide me in the process of serving others while creating wealth at the same time.

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