Something Wonderful Comes From Understanding Truth


I first began my career like many did.  I started by listening and learning from people I truly felt were living, or had lived, the kind of life I wanted.  Every biography out there that spoke to my heart delivered an acute awareness of my own thoughts and how the beliefs I grew up with were so far from what I wanted, or where I wanted to be.  Scripture talks in tremendous detail about your thoughts and how you need to gain control over them.

I knew that if I wasn’t disciplined enough to follow through with what I said I would do that my mind would give me all kinds of excuses as to why I “wasn’t able” to make better choices for myself. I wanted accountability.

Have you ever met anyone who didn’t want to be accountable? They want to do things their way. They usually blame others and they don’t listen to how others think or feel. By understanding your own truth, being accountable for your own thoughts, you begin to OWN your STUFF….the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly, because the reality of life is that we all struggle in some way.  Accountability and truth often go hand in hand.

If you think about it, what you see is your perception of the ‘truth’ and it may or may not be the ‘truth’ for others.  But once it becomes your truth than you are accountable for upholding that truth.  In reality, we are never in a position to ‘judge’ others based on the ‘truth’ because perceptions change as we evolve.

We’re not born with character as far as I know, it is something that gets developed and nurtured over time. We are born with a spirit, however, and that spirit helps us define our character which shows in the way we treat ourselves and in the way we treat others.

I hope this helps you to grab a hold of  your own truth and to be accountable without expecting others to uphold your truth as well. We are all unique with unique perspectives, but we can all choose to live in peace, live in joy, and live in love, and in doing so, can rise to the top by being a living example!

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