Do you know what a calling is?

Its that thing that you cannot NOT do. 

While healing from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in 2008,

I saw a VISION in my mind’s eye. In this vision it appeared I had already written several

books, and was speaking from a very large stage. Next, I saw myself meeting highly

influential people from around the world. Why was I seeing all of this? 

I had no desire to be a writer or a speaker. The very notion made me ask God sarcastically,

How is any of that suppose to happen?

From inside my spirit I heard two simple words, “Trust me.”

Screen-Shot-2015-07-15-at-4.14.06-PM.pngI’m Kellie Frazier, now the author of 8 books

including, Let The Real YOU Show Up.

I regularly speak to influential people about how to

heal and restore their lives, and there is even a

school in Masaka, Uganda, called The Kellie Frazier

Kindergarten School.

Who would have believed this shy, introverted country girl would do any of it?

We ALL have stories, but we don’t all have to get stuck in them.

There is a way to create healing and restoration in your life that doesn’t force you to

conform to any one path or to compromise your values. It helps you find your voice.

I want to help you find yours.

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