Your Marriage Will Fail If You Don’t Do This

Joy and success won’t just happen to you. You’re going to have to learn from those who’ve gone before you and tasted success. Understand their methods of a happy marriage and use their strategies.

How to Invite Winning Interviews With Experts


How to invite industry experts for an interview has always been of special interest to those who want to grow their own expertise in a given area. I remember wondering this same thing years ago, for about two seconds, before I jumped in and started asking. I rarely got a ‘no’, but I didn’t do it properly either. I had no framework to go by, so that is what I’ll now supply to you.

God Wants To Give You The Desires Of Your Heart

The Bible says that God wants to give us the desires of our hearts; he didn’t put any restrictions on that statement other than we understand the desires cannot be sinful. What might be one person’s desire, another person might judge as sinful based on their belief system, or religion, as in the eating of meat or working on another man’s Sabbath.

Creating YOU Time Is NOT Selfish


I momentarily chided myself for not remembering to change the setting notification back to silent. I opened the message. It was from one of our family members and it said, “Will you co-sign on a loan for me?”

The Significant Advantage: Your Unalienable Right To Massive Growth


Have you ever wondered what gives certain people that significant advantage, the one that makes them stand out above the crowd? During a drive through South Carolina, my husband and I passed numerous crops of corn. I began taking notice …

What If He’s Really, Really, Nice But There Is No POW!?


What sparked a very interesting conversation with the receptionist at my doctor’s office yesterday is the fact that what she said reflects how most people view dating today. Since this is a story, I’ll not add the usual bullets and …

5 Signs You Are Emotionally Strong Enough To Make It Through Anything


The week my mom passed away  I was really doing well emotionally.  We buried her next to my Dad and I even sang a song of love with my siblings at her graveside. It was what she use to sing …

What We Can Learn From Robin William’s Death


One of the funniest people the world has ever known, is now gone at the age of 63.  The world paused while listening to an announcement of the death of Robin Williams, announced on Monday, August 11th, 2014. Throughout Williams’ …

Night Whispers Can Create Life Altering Choices If You Act On Them

When I think of ‘Life-Altering Choices’ I can’t help but think of an on-line friend of mine named Derek Sivers. I hope to spend a few hours with Derek and his wife in person one day, but I wonder if that is going to take another ‘night time whisper’ to become a reality. Let me explain…If you aren’t familiar with Derek, you might have heard of the company he founded called CDBaby.Com. He sold it a few years ago for $22 Million dollars, which incidentally he put into a trust fund to help aspiring musicians live out their dreams.

3 Things Einstein, Oprah And YOU Have In Common


Have you ever wondered what Albert Einstein and Oprah Winfrey, might have in common?  These 3 commonalities never occurred to me until recently. Oprah Winfrey began her career as a television host, and became one of the most successfully syndicated …

What Does A Day In The Life Of YOU Look Like?


While being interviewed on a radio show a few weeks ago, the show host was moving along just fine with the normal questions I get during any radio interview. Then he surprised me by suddenly asking me a question that took me back. He asked;

I Belong to No Religion; Much to the Dismay of Those Who Love Me


Its funny how some people, who use to poo-poo anything spiritually inspiring, now only works from that space of inspiration. Take Oprah’s guest, Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, whom I hope to interview soon, wrote a book called “Proof of Heaven”.

The “Strangest Secret” In The World Isn’t So Strange


A human being with an intended purpose and belief in the outcome must accomplish it. It is all he thinks about. Whether that purpose is meant for good, or for evil, the mind knows no difference. Like seeds that are planted in soil, whether good seed or bad seed, that seed will still grow.

Want to know how to handle criticism? READ THIS!


Someone recently asked me why I smile so much, but in a sarcastic way, as if smiling were a negative thing. I smiled as big as I could at him and said, because I like to, because it often helps others, and because sometimes it helps me ignore people who like to criticize.

Tired of NOT making money and watching your family’s dreams disappear?


I got tired of not making money. My husband paid my company bills and that was a horrible feeling, but not nearly as horrible as watching my daughter’s dreams disappear.

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