LinkedIn Post, Connecting Ghandi’s Principles, Brings Interesting Response


As I read a post on LinkedIn this week that asked a question about whether or not Ghandi’s principles are still relevant to today’s global economics, and what seemed to be missing if things haven’t really changed?

Do You Have a “Make It Happen Team”?


  What is a “Make It Happen Team”? If you’re a business owner you might call it a Master Mind Group. If you are a parent you might call it a support team.  I call it a tribe.  No matter …

“Abused Kids Suffer With Depression.” Really?!


WE (parents, grand parents, teachers, clergy, any and all adults) are the one’s responsible for creating depression in our children. Don’t believe it? Well it’s the truth. We continue saying irresponsible things to them, we treat them less than the heavenly beings that they are, and most importantly – it comes down to the simple fact that our own low self-worth is the main reason we become heavy-hitters in perpetuating the cycle.

A Creative Entrepreneur’s House Was Struck By Lightening


Today I received my 4th newsletter from two women whom I feel are amazingly talented. I happily read their information because I believe they have made some brilliant choices in their business career, and give solid advice.

How to Say “No”! Successful People Know it!


Do you know how to say no? If not, why not? Successful people understand how important the 3 vital “No’s” are in life so they can say “yes” to the more important things. If I could teach you how to say no – would you do it? Lets see…

Protected: Audio Book


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Facebook Guide Shows You How to Expand Your Fan Base

In Business Development

Here is something many have been looking for. It’s the official guide book for creating fans for your facebook website.


Not everyone is comfortable developing emotional intimacy – but if you don’t – your relationships will remain hollow and often difficult to maintain. Below are a few tips for emotionally connecting to those you care about that we hope will assist you in your life’s journey.

Is Your Love Chained to Someone Else Through Bitterness?

It might be a little deep for you first thing in the morning, but grab a cup of coffee, sit back and let it soak in because it applies to each one of us in our every day lives.

10 Valuable Lessons You May Have Missed In 2010

Saying goodbye to 2010 is good. It’s always good to close a year, especially when you feel that year was riddled with turmoil, or hard work but little financial reward. In saying goodbye to 2010, could there be any lessons you may have missed?

Living In A Thankful, and Unlimited, Way

In Personal Development, POSTS

Holidays can be very hectic and emotionally trying, which doesn’t always help your heart to be reflective and thankful. In fact, Thanksgiving weekend is the most traveled weekend in America. Airports are full, people are rushing to cook, clean, catch a taxi or a bus, and this rushing around is not always providing much room for contemplation of your good fortune.

Connect to Your Work, and Personal Life, Effortlessly

When you are able to go after your dreams and passion you can deepen your level of joy in the skill that came to you as a gift. When you excel at your gift you are given accolades. You are sought after by others. You are given money for your natural talents. That in truth you would do just to do.

He Had Five Thousand Facebook Followers in A Few Months Because of His “Why”

Donald Minor was born 3 months premature and weighed only 2lbs 14ozs, so small that he could fit in his father’s hand. He was also born with Cerebral Palsy, but that doesn’t stop him from transcending his limitations and helping people all around the world through the use of social media.

Leaving a Legacy – Is it Important or Is it Ego – Success Pillar Twelve

I use to want my kids to know me better, so they would judge me less. This was before knowing about the Twelve Pillars.

The World Can Use More Great Leaders Who Know Their VPA – Success Pillar Eleven

Many people fear becoming a leader because they’ve known someone who is brash and arrogant, and yet still lead, so this view of leadership isn’t appealing based on the example. What I find is that those brash leaders are the people who get the most attention, like the misbehaving child, because of the negative behavior.

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