Thank you for your down payment, and CONGRATULATIONS on making the decision to move your life forward faster.

STEP 1: Download the Client Agreement and the Client Questionnaire by clicking on the Green Tabs below.
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STEP 2: Complete these agreements and return then to our office before your first call.

STEP 3: Commit to showing up to every call unless you absolutely cannot make it

It takes years, focus and perseverance to create what you want. With Kellie’s first-rate coaching you’ll be breaking through barriers and getting down to business in much less time.

She truly is one of the greatest personal and professional coaches we know!  We’ve put a few testimonials below so you can read what others have said about her coaching. 

Whether you’re here for business or personal development, or just here to create a more satisfying lifestyle, very few coaches can get you where you want to be the way Kellie will.  She believes that working with any client is like opening an incredible gift box and finding a new super hero inside.  Kellie has the uncanny ability to see what’s going inside that makes you light up, or break through whatever holds you back.  She holds you accountable and keeps you motivated to SHINE like the sun – and living your BEST LIFE!

REMINDER: Be sure to return your client/coaching contract, and your client questionnaire, before your first appointment. She’ll want you to show up on time and ready to go for each session.

Get ready friend….you’re in for a wild ride! :-)

Business Development

“I am a Personal Training for mind, body, and spirit.  Kellie has helped me develop the tools and techniques for sustainable success in both my personal and business life. We all have short bursts of success here and there, but the feeling you get when you know it can be sustained long term is so empowering.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kellie, and those I care about echo my sentiments!”

-Personal Development

“Kellie Frazier’s Discover Your Purpose Workshop is more than worth the time and financial investment. Oftentimes in this over-committed world, we feel as though we need to have all the answers. We can easily become frustrated by not knowing exactly what the “next steps” are for our future. Through this workshop, Kellie helps participants open their minds to a new perspective – one where being intentional and present in our daily lives can make a significant difference. It’s not about what we “should be” doing, but about what we “are doing” every day. Let Kellie guide you on how to live your life on purpose and see immediate results in your day-to-day routine.” Megan, Greenville, SC

Spiritual/Family Development

“Kellie is an inspiring, knowledgeable woman! The more I work with her the more I learn about my personal and spiritual growth. Her parenting work is insightful and immediately gets to the heart of issues between parents and kids. I highly recommend that you check out Kellie’s work!”  Jacqueline Green – Founder of The Great Parenting Show, Canada

“Kellie’s knowledge is insightful and empowering.  Her “know how” in writing and publishing definitely gives any author a launch pad towards success.  She gives you valuable industry information and technological training that is golden! This training helps you navigate through the technology of self-publishing like a pro. I felt like she was right there holding my hand step-by-step. I love how she shares her expertise so generously and personally. She really speaks from experience as she teaches you the tools you need to get your message out into the world. I also loved how she offers this information with a genuine passion for your success.”  -Amy




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  1. Alana Faulk says:

    I am very excited to get started. I have so much to accomplish!!! I am sure Kellie will be the spark that ignites the inferno!


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