Do You Have a “Make It Happen Team”?


What is a “Make It Happen Team”?

If you’re a business owner you might call it a Master Mind Group. If you are a parent you might call it a support team.  I call it a tribe.  No matter what you call it, if you are looking to advance your life in any way you need a “Make it Happen Team”!

MIHT’s are getting people through economic downturns, personal struggles and business ventures because they hold one person at a time up and give them a safe place to contribute, learn and thrive.

This positive environment started in the entrepreneurial world, and some say it began with Napoleon Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich. When the most successful people realized they couldn’t make it in business without the help of others, it became a million dollar idea!  When one person decided to act on the brainstorming suggestions that came out of a group meeting, that group became vitally important.  Can you imagine making over a million dollars from taking action on one idea?  It happens all the time in MIH Teams.

Why would someone join a MIHT?

  • Accountability – without accountability most people sit on their laurels. Taking action keeps you committed and moving forward in your life.
  • Focus – No more grabbing the shiny objects in front of your face. Your team mates help you stay focused.
  • Inspiration – Your team mates can uplift you with prayer and help you unlock your creative genius so you can be ready to take action in your life
  • Emotional connection and support – Everyone needs a cheer leader!
  • Energy – Your team mates help keep you energized. Keeping your energy level high is a matter of maintaining the proper mindset.
  • Practicing Positivity – Keeping a positive frame of mind toward your commitment is vital
  • Brainstorming creative ideas – group think on problem solving or hurdle jumping

These are just some of the reasons why an MIHT is important for anyone to consider.  You can maintain a high level of success in your business (or in your life) when you have a support team cheering you on.  Humans thrive on affirmation and being uplifted on a regular basis.    This holds true for you whether you are male or female, entrepreneur or soccer coach, corporate executive or Sunday School teacher.  You can build close long-term relationships with like-minded people, also known as symbiotic relationships, who will be there for you no matter what.

The teams I have created, and participated in, have taken people to new heights, including members making large sums of money from one simple idea, or the wife who needed support while her husband battled a disease, the man who’s business would have failed had it not been for the support of others in the group.

Make It Happen Team’s are there for you on a weekly basis to allow you a safe place to open your heart up and dream about what IS possible. What if I could show you how to create a team for yourself?  Would you be interested in knowing how to do it?

I want to help you join the ranks of thousands of successful individuals around the world who have found success through their team who helps them –> make it happen!

I’d like to help you create your own MIHT so you can move ahead quickly with the support you deserve.  It’s not at all difficult but there are certain things you should know in order to put a successful team together like:

How to choose the best people

What to specific things to say when you ask them to consider joining

The proper format for each meeting

How to meet with your MIHT without leaving your house to do it

And these are just a few great ideas you’ll get out of this wonderful (and very inexpensive) program that I’ll be launching soon.  Let me know if this interests you in any way by commenting below.  Feel free to share this article with others who might want to move forward.  Remember —-> EVERYONE NEEDS A CHEERLEADER!

Tailored to any audience, Kellie speaks on successful head and heart connections that develop sustainable relationships and businesses.
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3 Responses to Do You Have a “Make It Happen Team”?

  1. Hi Kellie,

    The one Mastermind Group I was in made it possible for me to go to the next level in my business/ministry. I would look forward to being part of another team!


  2. Great article, Kellie!

    I love the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. What I’ve only just begun to realize is that we need to create villages around ourselves to grow and thrive throughout our lives. Villages, tribes, Make it Happen Teams…

    Looking forward to hearing more about your MIHT program.


    Kellie Reply:

    Thank you Louise! You are about to hear more indeed. Thanks for the reminder about the interview. I trust you are doing fabulously well in your new place and it does indeed take a village in order for us to make anything happen. I’m guessing that’s why there was both Adam and Eve rather than just an Adam. :-) Hugs to you my friend!


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