God Wants To Give You The Desires Of Your Heart

Screen shot 2011-09-08 at 10.58.38 AMThe Bible says that God wants to give us the desires of our hearts; he didn’t put any restrictions on that statement other than we understand the desires cannot be sinful.  What might be one person’s desire, another person might judge as sinful based on their belief system, or religion, as in the eating of meat or working on another man’s Sabbath.

By allowing fear or doubt to cross our minds are we short circuiting what God wants to give us?

What would have happened if every time someone came to Jesus asking for healing he doubted that he was able to provide it for them?  Would those miracles have happened?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself right now:

1. If fear, money or time were no object what would you desire right now?

2. Who would you desire to be?

3. How differently would you desire to live?

4. What would your life look like if you took the time to hear what God might be telling you about your level of faith in Him?

5. What might it look like to actually have the desires of your heart working in your life right now?

We’re told that we can do greater things than He and yet we can’t get past the fact that it’s actually permissible to have desires.   How could we possibly believe that we are capable of doing greater things?

Many do not believe that we are given permission to have desires, or to follow up on those desires with faith and actions. Many feel it is selfish and ungodly to admit a desire that might elevate them to a new level of success, belief or authenticity.

Why?  Could it be fear? 

God said He does not give us a spirit of fear and yet we produce fear for ourselves every day.  Afraid of divorce, afraid our kids will stop loving us, afraid of financial pressure, afraid of the economy, afraid of backing the president’s decisions, on and on.

Fear is what collapse societies, causes riots, puts people in jail.  Fear has built in us the inability to have pure unadulterated FAITH.

Dispel your fears.  Think about what it would feel like to rise above them, over come them, work through them, release them, what ever you want to call it. 

Group coaching helps you eliminate fear and move you toward what you want, not what you don’t want. 

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