Audiences world wide want to become successful in personal, spiritual or business relationships.  Helping them get there takes leadership training, motivation and skills.

My mindset, my story and my achievements are all being fine tuned to serve my creator and fellow man. If you’re not interested in hearing me mention God a few times while I speak, then I’m not the right speaker for you.

Here is the information you need to determine if my Keynote(s) will work for your next event.

Mini Keynote – 1 to 2 hours. Just right for any size audience, this Keynote is tailored to meet your audience needs and/or theme of your event. I guaranteed to inspire and motivate your guests or your money back.

Medium Keynote – 2 to 4 hours. Great for any size audience, this mildly mini Keynote will engage the participants with excitement and discovery. The message will be tailored to your audience needs and/or theme of your event with allotted time to fully engage them in self discovery. My goal is not only to inspire them but also to help them create a vision so when they leave they’ll be ready to take action on the topic presented immediately!

Major Keynote – 1 to 3 days. Major focus on creating Vision|Power|Action planning for business or life.  Keynote includes integration of challenges, exercises and group project learning for powerful shifts and transformations.  All major Keynotes are highly tailored and customized to meet the needs, culture, and goals of your specific audience and event. The Major Keynote is difficult to explain in one paragraph but can be delivered to large groups or in more intimate, retreat type settings if you have a smaller team or staff. 

Kellie’s Areas of Expertise and Training Include (but not limited to)

Inspiration – When it comes to short stories that emotionally connect, inspire and transform hearts, you’ll be inspired by how much is gained by overcoming adversity. Every story Kellie shares can be seen as opportunities with a transforming shift in perspective.

Inspirational Topics Include:

  • Let It Go – Let It Go – Fear Paralyzes, Forgiveness Free’s
  • The Gifts of Adversity
  • Stressing Your Way To Stress Relief
  • Living Your Purpose Driven Passionate Life
  • The Law of the Harvest
  • Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities
  • It’s All About That FAITH, Bout That Faith!
  • How To Hear The Spirit Some Call Intuition
  • God Grant Me The Courage
  • Super Charge Your VPA Power For Life

5 Relationship Secrets For The Faith-based Entrepreneur – Tailored to any audience, successful sustainable relationships in families and in businesses. Creating the habit of connecting creates proven success and is applicable to any person, any goal, anytime, anywhere.  This gift is as timeless as it is universal in nature.

Training Topic includes:

  • The Power of Knowing Your Purpose
  • The Power of Your Head and Heart
  • Love Differently – Stay Married (for entrepreneurial couples)
  • Personal Accountability = Success On Any Level
  • Priority Management and Achievement
  • Moving With Motivation
  • Moving Beyond Self-Sabotage

Business Success Training - Your ability to sell products or services is dependent upon creating relationships. Whether you’re a sales agent, business owner or employed, there are proven sales successes that can only come by way of building relationships. Start building or increasing revenue immediately.

Training Topic Include:

  • Emotionally Connecting in Life and Business
  • Successful Vision|Power|Action Plans
  • Success Secrets of Top Coaches and Connectors
  • Success Begins And Ends With Asking
  • Selling Is Relationship Building
  • Building Authority and Credibility In Business
  • Staying Organized and Focused In Business
  • Building Loyal Customers Means Building You
  • Solving Problems Through Service = Sales
  • Perseverance Brings Prosperity

Coaching/Consulting Topics Include:

  • Becoming a Self Published Author
  • Empowerment
  • Newly Wed Coaching (premarital counseling but much more fun and enlightening)
  • Mother/Daughter Empowerment
  • Masterminding With Innovative business ideas
  • Super Charge Your List Build
  • Becoming A Speaker
  • Put My Relationship Back Together!
  • Diamonds and Elites Coaching

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Picture?type=square “Kellie has a wonderful way of connecting with people! I learned so much from her but we did not have enough time to absorb all this amazing woman has to offer the world!” Gail Blackburn
Picture?type=square “Kellie has this incredible way of communicating and showing people how to connect the dots. I loved her presentation and how she spoke so powerfully and yet so passionately. I was mesmerized by her words and didn’t want her to stop speaking!” Kelly Falardeau, Award Winning Speaker
Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.11.54 AM“I was captivated by her life story and her passion for leadership, development, and motivation. An amazing motivational speaker and success coach, Kellie brings lasting change to those she touches. Her understanding of human thought and behavior allow her to connect with the hearts and minds of those she encounters.” Krista Abbott, Owner,
Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.13.43 AM“Kellie, is an awesome motivational speaker and success coach! So thankful she’s doing this in a big way to affect lives around the world!” Jacqueline Green, The Great Parenting Show


  • Inspirational Speaker for numerous groups and varied audiences
  • Founder of Connecting LLC and Certified Trainer/Coach
  • Creator of MasterMind-MasterMoney for High-Level Entrepreneurs
  • Best Selling Author, Writer of 7 Books Both Nationally and Internationally
  • Featured Premier Expert Author on
  • Host and Facilitator of Mastermind Groups for Entrepreneurs
  • Contributor to Numerous Books, Magazines and National Directories

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 11.49.49 AM“If you are looking for someone who understands and shares the true meaning of “Integrity” as it pertains to business, personal and life, then you need to get in touch with Kellie. Kellie uses her creative ability to think outside the box and help others when most say it can’t be done, give up and walk away. I feel honored and privileged to know Kellie and have worked with her on several occasions and will continue to do business with her and any company she represents. A True Professional!
“—Jutta Taylor, Owner, Taylored Investments



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