Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.13.43 AM“Kellie, I leave every interaction with you empowered and bursting with love! You’re an awesome motivational speaker and success coach. So thankful you’re doing this in a big way to affect lives around the world!”  Jacqueline Green, The Great Parenting Show



Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.11.54 AM“Kellie is an amazing person. I was captivated by her life story and her passion for leadership, development, and motivation. Kellie offers incredible value to others and has an amazing ability to inspire. Her presence inspires hope and belief. An amazing motivational speaker and success coach, Kellie brings lasting change to those she touches. Her understanding of human thought and behavior allow her to connect with the hearts and minds of those she encounters. She is a genuine gift to the world, and I am thankful to know her and call her friend.”
—Krista Abbott, Owner,

Kellie’s One Sheet

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Living a FULFILLED Life Inspiring Others

As an advocate for more love in the world, Kellie teaches audiences how to connect to their purpose, how to be authentic and build successful relationships which is primary to building any business or life.  She will use any stage, any medium, any platform to get the message across that YOU ARE ENOUGH and that you can stay connected to your dream by adjusting your thoughts which adjusts your spirit.



  • Become Who You Want to BE With VISION, POWER & ACTION!
  • How to stay focused as a Business Owner
  • Super Easy Ways to Get What YOU Want Out of Life
  • Three Steps to Building Loyalty in Your Community
  • Create Your Ultimate A-Team’s VISION Before Giving Birth To It
  • How to Connect Both Head and Heart in Conversations or Writings.
  • How to Move Beyond Doubt and Self-sabotage
  • Three Simple Steps to Building Loyalty Among Community Members


* entrepreneurial groups * business groups * mother/daughter groups * sales groups * associations * and can be delivered in 1 hour or half day.

Picture?type=square “Kellie has a wonderful way of connecting with people! I learned so much from her but we did not have enough time to absorb all this amazing woman has to offer the world!” Gail Blackburn
Picture?type=square “Kellie has this incredible way of communicating and showing people how to connect the dots. I loved her presentation and how she spoke so powerfully and yet so passionately. I was mesmerized by her words and didn’t want her to stop speaking!” Kelly Falardeau

Professional Credits

  • Founder of Connecting LLC and Certified Trainer/Coach
  • Creator of MasterMind-MasterMoney for High-Level Entrepreneurs
  • Best Selling Contributing Author
  • Featured Premier Expert Author on
  • Host and Facilitator of Mastermind Groups for Entrepreneurs
  • Author and Contributor to numerous books, magazines and directories
  • Co-Founder of J&K Consulting Marketing Company

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 11.49.49 AM“If you are looking for someone who understands and shares the true meaning of “Integrity” as it pertains to business, personal and life, then you need to get in touch with Kellie. Kellie uses her creative ability to think outside the box and help others when most say it can’t be done, give up and walk away. I feel honored and privileged to know Kellie and have worked with her on several occasions and will continue to do business with her and any company she represents. A True Professional!
“—Jutta Taylor, Owner, Taylored Investments

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