Have you ever hit the same wall over and over in your business and know the underlying cause is the need to get out of your own way?

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you…

  • You’re filled with ideas but waste a lot of time looking at your computer screen wondering what to do next.
  • You worry about the little things that aren’t getting done and it keeps you up at night.
  • You haven’t accomplished what you wanted yet the day flies by before you know it.
  • You feel ADD/ADHD kicking in but aren’t sure what triggers it or how to prevent it.
  • You’re business is doing very well, but you know it can also be much more lucrative and fulfilling

I completely get it_56A4894

My name is Kellie Frazier and that was me a few years ago.  I became obsessed about what makes people successful while others fail over and over gain.

In 2010 I started a radio show called “What’s Your VPA?” just so that I could interview some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. I wanted to see what their VISION, POWER and ACTION plan was for success. 

Over time I interviewed over 100 experts, both on and off the air, so I could clearly define the common denominators. People like Max Simon, Marcia Weider, Doug Nelson and hundreds many more.

Each person had a specific mindset unique to them, but there were similarities also.  Whether they were spiritual or not, whether they were young or old, whether they were a millionaire or a billionaire, this is what they had in common:

1. a mindset of abundance rather than of lack

2. they hung out with other people who were successful

3. they had a child-like curiosity and faith in a higher power

and the one that peaked my interest the most…

4. they were part of a mastermind (think-tank) for accountability and productivity.

I realized that even Jesus was a coach and he had an inner circle of 12 men whom he ultimately counted on.  So with that thought, I created my first mastermind group of 5 women who wanted to move their personal and professional lives forward quickly. Many created six and seven figure businesses because of it.  This was only the beginning,

There is POWER in more than one mind…

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.15.45 PMNapoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, believed that when two or more minds come together to brainstorm ideas, and share their deep desires, that there is a third invisible, intangible force that shows up.

As a believer I know that when two or more are gathered together in prayer the divine spirit is present. ASK and you shall be given.

I saw how collectively we had the power to change things in my life as well as others. I needed the framework and understanding of how masterminding with the best of the best can move our VPA Plans forward. 

In 2011 I sought out someone I believed was spiritual and a multi-millionaire. If you know the name Deepak Chopra, Founder of the Chopra Center, I masterminded with the man who created what it is today, Mr. Max Simon.

The top names in any industry know the value of a think tank, including Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Anthony Robbins and Richard Branson and so many more.

I became a Mastermind Specialist in 2012 and  mastermind_set_copy(1)helped entrepreneurs move forward quickly and successfully. I still create think tanks today and I also teach others how to create their own. I’m not a big shot in my industry, I’ve simply been very blessed.

I’m also known as a best selling author, and someone who brings transformation as a health and wellness coach.  I’m a public speaker who knows the 4 keys to learning anything quickly, as taught by the Master of Memory Retention, Jim Kwik.

Jim taught me to;

1. Forget – Brand new learning takes forgetting anything you know about a subject so you can learn new things.  Letting go of negative self talk is hugely important – you have to have an attitude of I CAN DO THIS!

2. Activate – Learning is not a passive sport. You have to get in on the learning. You get paid to think things through and problem solves. Take notes, take responsibility and get your neurology involved.

3. State – attaching energy and emotion is how you remember and process emotions. You’re not a victim of the weather, the economy, incompetent service, etc. You feel things based on what you’re taking into your body and you have to manage your emotional state.

4. Teach – Who can benefit from the information you’re willing to take in? Think about them and ask yourself if you would get more involved if you could teach others.

Successful people are life long learners.

Because we’re all unique, we need to find a team of like-minded individuals who understand personal responsibility; responsible for building their business, keeping their staff moving forward, creating a desirable and exceptional outcome, and can manage the entire process into millions of dollars.

So what if…

  • you were just one thought away from living your dreams but can’t see it because you’re too close to the situation?
  • you were one thought away from being the most successful you’ve ever been in your personal and or professional life, with one minor adjustment, but you don’t know what adjustment to make?

A dedicated experienced community of people can help you fully own the things you haven’t been able to and help you break through any blocks you might experience.


Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 3.12.55 PMIt takes courage to invest in anything, and I KNOW that unless you put skin in the game you’ll likely stay right where you’re at.  Been there, done that and so have most of my associates until we all learn the value of investing in ourselves. 

The cost of my first high-level mastermind group was more than $19K, at that was only for a few hours bi-weekly for 6 months.  I know it sounds like I was insane to pay that much, and maybe I was, but it takes courage to stand up and say yes to something like that.  It also can make your palms sweat and you feel sick to your stomach to not provide for your family or generate revenue, or make a difference. I’m here to tell you, investing in myself was worth every cent because of who I became in the process. 

A mastermind community needs you to invest so you’ll give 100% full commitment to the group, just like you would to your customer.  Everyone receives 100% full commitment and full benefit of giving and receiving.  The good news is I won’t be asking $19,000. 

A 6 month commitment with my Diamond group includes the following benefits:

**15 Bi-Weekly 2-hour Calls

**Your own private FB group for daily masterminding

**Accountability partners (You have 1 person holding you accountable to doing what you say you’ll do each week)

**Two day mastermind meetings live and in person

**Access to my “Become A Self-Published Author” Course (not that you want to become an author but its very helpful in any profession to have a book)

**Access to my “Become A Speaker Program”

**Access to my “Healing & Restoring YOU Program” to help you get past blocks

Required investment

$2,500 for the full 6 months, with an upfront non-refundable down payment of $500.

If you understand the value of what  you’ll be getting out of this over the next 6 months then follow these steps:


Schedule a 20 minute strategy call with me to see if this truly is right for you and we’ll go from there. 

Don’t take too long to decide! The next group may fill up quickly and I hate to see you miss out.

Abundant Blessings,


If you are looking for a speaker at your next event I am more than happy to share the inspiration of
Connecting your audience to their dreams.  More testimonies here —> Testimonial Page


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