Our Set Free Team

We believe that when Jesus sets you free, you are free indeed. We believe in your ability to do exactly what you’ve been called to do, share his love, while using your gifts. Our team helps you accomplish this through the following:

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Founded by Kellie Frazier, Christian Lifestyle Coaching began in 2004. While raising a toddler and teenagers under one roof, Kellie saw how much bitterness, rebellion and suicidal thinking permeated her home. She and her husband sought coaching assistance to remove the generational sins from their lives, and her husband gave his life to Jesus. That’s when she knew that everyone deserved to live a SET FREE life.
  • Kellie Frazier
    Kellie Frazier Author, Speaker, Christian Lifestyle Coach Creator of Set Free, and Founder of Connecting LLC

    Coaching people personally and professionally since 2004, Kellie Founded Connecting LLC, a Christian Lifestyle Coaching company. In 2007, after losing family members and experiencing a traumatic brain and spine injury, God gave her a vision. In the vision she saw herself speaking, writing books, and meeting people from around the world while being fully healed and restored. Within a few months, she was completely SET FREE from pain and went on to write numerous books, speak on several platforms and has inspired thousands of people to navigate a healthy Christian lifestyle. Kellie also teaches and trains Christian Lifestyle Coaches through her SET FREE Masters Program.

  • Ashley Blanchard
    Ashley Blanchard Research & Development Coordinator

    Ashley is a mommy-writing-blogging, follower of Christ. She has a background with 8 years plus of research and grant writing experience in local government planning, which incorporated a year of internship with a County Government planning department. Ashley also held the position of research assistant through the State University of New York, which also incorporated grant writing and data collection. Though the documents that she created then helped many, the words that she has the ability to write today through Christ have tremendously more meaning. At present, she is working on two faith inspired books.You can tune into her blog at www.flexyourpath.com.

  • Jenica Jenkins
    Jenica Jenkins Solution Strategist / Coach

    Jenica is a free-spirited lover of Jesus with a passion for living life to the full.   Whether talking to a friend over coffee or strategizing in a business meeting, finding a solution and the strategic steps to that solution is innate to her nature.  She loves seeing people thrive in their God-given potential.   This passion spills into everything she does from strategy sessions to coaching clients. As a coach, she considers it both an honour and a privilege to use these skill sets in helping her clients find freedom in Christ.