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The Significant Advantage: Your Unalienable Right To Massive Growth

Have you ever wondered what gives certain people that significant advantage, the one that makes them stand out above the crowd? During a drive through South Carolina, my husband and I passed numerous crops of corn. I began taking notice …

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How One Entrepreneur Looked For Balance Until Brains and Brokeness Won Out

I’ll never forget it. When I closed my eyes I saw everything…e-books, audios, speaking engagements, and talking to certain people. Before I jump ahead of myself, let me start with a question a client once asked.

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Men’s Brain’s and Woman’s Brains

Woman’s brains are like super highway’s. When it’s working it sounds like: “chicachicachicachica”….which is just about every minute of every day. Men, on the other hand, put their thoughts into compartments like little boxes…and my personal favorite is……the nothing box!

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