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God Wants To Give You The Desires Of Your Heart

The Bible says that God wants to give us the desires of our hearts; he didn’t put any restrictions on that statement other than we understand the desires cannot be sinful. What might be one person’s desire, another person might judge as sinful based on their belief system, or religion, as in the eating of meat or working on another man’s Sabbath.

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3 Things Einstein, Oprah And YOU Have In Common

Have you ever wondered what Albert Einstein and Oprah Winfrey, might have in common?  These 3 commonalities never occurred to me until recently. Oprah Winfrey began her career as a television host, and became one of the most successfully syndicated …

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I Belong to No Religion; Much to the Dismay of Those Who Love Me

Its funny how some people, who use to poo-poo anything spiritually inspiring, now only works from that space of inspiration. Take Oprah’s guest, Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, whom I hope to interview soon, wrote a book called “Proof of Heaven”.

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