What Others Are Saying About Kellie’s Coaching

“My name is Jon Paulien, Dean at Loma Linda University.  My wife and I have been greatly benefited by professional counseling over the years, but there were a number of issues that just didn’t seem to get resolved no matter what. Our series of visits with Kellie took things to another level completely. She has an amazing gift for getting to the core of things and helping us take the steps needed to resolve them and move on. I will always be grateful for her service to us.”



“Words do not even begin to describe how much you have blessed my life. Thank you for all the time you’ve spent helping me to understand what it is to be valued as a person and for your FAITH, HOPE and LOVE in me.   It has been a great help. Thank you for being one of God’s vessels to inspire and help others.” ~ Danny, MI


“My name is Kimberly and currently I am a student at Loma Linda University in Southern California.  I’d been dealing with the process of “letting go” of the past and of trying to control my future.  I wanted to fix my life, by myself… but i was empty and had no idea how to change.  Kellie taught me so much about my self-worth, about family and about listening to God.  She taught me how to pray, how to listen, and how to be heard. It was like meeting God for the very first time!  I read her book, watched her videos, and through her prayers and encouragement I was able to truly “let go” and trust God.  I know there will be more rough times ahead, but reading Kellie’s book, Connecting Faith, Hope and Love was a starting point in knowing He will hold our hands through future rough times; and in the meantime, I have so much more joy in my heart!  I will talk about it for years to come.  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!”


“Someone told us how much you had helped them. It sounded like just what we needed.  I have to say that it was work. We had to work hard for it. We did our homework faithfully and were rewarded. We fell in love with each other again. I guess, like anything, recovery is something that a person needs to keep working on. We are forever thankful, to you, Kellie.”

Pamela, CA


“Kellie Frazier is one amazing woman. She has consistently done everything she can to make this world a better place, and she has succeeded in every way. No matter what Kellie puts her mind to, she accomplishes. I recommend Kellie to everyone and anyone who wants to better their lives. She can help you. She has helped me in too many ways to mention.”

Gladys Douse -Lead Vocal at So Glad, Rock & Blues Entertainment, NC


“Kellie’s presentation gave me a clear understanding of what I need to do to move ahead in my life. Her simple steps are doable.  Her energy is empowering. I highly recommend her program.”

Kelly Rudolph, Creator of Positive Women Rock, CA


“Kellie’s personal story for creating her dream life in spite of limitations is awe-inspiring.  In her course I learned the exact internal methods she used so that I may apply them in my own life.  I already feel better about my life as is, and can now say I am excited to move forward.”

Michael Sevier,  ATA Engineering Inc., CA


“Kellie is a rare and beautiful gift to this planet. She has a crystal clear vision and takes inspired action to see it through, again and again. I leave every interaction with Kellie empowered and bursting with love! I highly recommend Kellie as a motivational speaker and success coach. She inspires us all to be more than we ever thought we could possibly be, and it is an honor to know her and call her a friend.” September 12, 2010

Beth Nelson-Allen, Owner, MeetBethAllen.com


“Kellie Frazier is not only a sensitive, caring and powerful interviewer and Tele-Seminarian, she is an exemplary example of success that we can all learn from.  She has taken, what for some people would be a life-defeating personal illness, and has transformed not only her own thoughts and process and career, but the lives of so many others. Through her Tele-Seminars and tribal support groups, she is doing her not so small part in changing the world.”

Dr. Erica Goodstone – Solo Practitioner, FL


“If you are looking for someone who understands the true meaning of “Integrity” as it pertains to business, personal and life, then you need to get in touch with Kellie.  Kellie uses her creative ability to think outside the box and help others when most say it can’t be done, give up and walk away. I feel honored and privileged to know Kellie and have worked with her on several occasions and will continue to do business with her and any company she represents. A True Professional!”

Jutta Taylor – Owner of Taylored Investments, IN


“I am a Personal Trainer for mind, body, and spirit.  Kellie has helped me develop the tools and techniques for sustainable success in both my personal and business life.  We all have short bursts of success here and there, but the feeling you get when you know it can be sustained long term is so empowering.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kellie.  Those that I care about echo my sentiments!”

Don Poole, Owner of All Power Training, MI


“Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous!!! Insightful and cogent; heartfelt and yes…transparent! Your work so resonated with me. You give sound, communication strategies: they are honest and tactful. Well done.”

Tami – Berrien Springs, MI


“Do the words ‘lightness’, ‘connectedness’, ‘compassion’ and ‘empathy’ mean anything to you? If they do, then get in deeper and meet KELLIE FRAZIER.  I’ve just ‘attended’ her interview with DEREK SMALL and nothing there was small: I’ve smiled, stopped at a few thoughts and loved Kellie’s way of asking questions that we feel came from what she ATTENTIVELY heard and not from a smart pre-formatted script. I’m sure you’ll love it too… and there will be more!”

Luis Cochofel – Portugal


“Kellie is an inspiring, knowledgeable businesswoman! The more I work with her the more I learn about business and personal growth. Her parenting work is insightful and gets to the heart of issues between parents and kids. I highly recommend that you check out Kellie’s work!”

Jacqueline Green – Great Parenting Practices, Canada



“Kellie has style and integrity. Her manner is warm and comfortable, but gets to deeply examining the subject matter. Her approach encourages you to open up and be natural, a great facilitator.

Derek Small – United Kingdom


“All I can say is WOW!!  It has really made me stop and think about quite a bit that has been going on in my life currently and my past.  Such an inspiration to me really.”

Remona – Geneva, NY


“I need your book  on Raising Fearless Teens. Your first material is very valuable, direct and honest, invites to openness by its healthy disclosure and deep insights, balanced and wise.  Let me know how I can get the guide.”

Leon, MI


“I’ve been so blessed by all that you shared. It’s so exciting to see the fruit of it as I learn to live it out! I just find that quite unique in light of all we discussed and how you confirmed that I have an entrepreneur mindset. I’m excited and filled w/ hope and faith! Thank you for the inspiration that you are along this journey of my heart Kellie!”

Jenica, IN


“Kellie’s Talents go far beyond her ability to perform in the work place. Her absolute commitment to the people she gets involved with, on any level, comes through in the consultation/ the delivery/ final product and in the on going communication after the transaction. You are wise to invest your time and money in this woman’s efforts.”

James, Burlington VT


“Kellie amazes me every time we speak with her passion for helping people, her ideas and her dedication to helping people connect and improve relationships and communication. I can truly say that Kellie Frazier touches everyone she comes in contact with and always provides more value than is expected. I always feel energized, grateful and have new empowering ideas after speaking with Kellie. She is valuable, respected, ethical and spiritual.”

Kelly Rudolph – Creator of Positive Women Rock, CA


“Kellie, I was praying tonight and thanking God for you.  You have been on my mind a lot lately and I didn’t want to let another opportunity pass for me to tell you that I am truly grateful for the gifts that God has given you.  My husband and I are continuing to work through issues and have had many victories.  Your ministry is continuing to be a great blessing to us!  Thank you.”

Shelly, Berrien, MI

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