Tired of NOT making money and watching your family’s dreams disappear?

I got tired of not making money.  My husband paid my company bills and that was a horrible feeling, but not nearly as horrible as watching my daughter’s dreams disappear.

I knew I needed to make money rather than keep talking about making money. When I began to analyze what was holding me back, I realized it was laziness and fear about my beliefs around money.

My entire life I’ve been told I’m capable. I’ve been told I’m gifted in communicating and sharing thoughts that inspire others. Well I knew that if this was true then something specific was holding me back from turning it all around and putting it into an income generator in my business.

Several years ago I began writing books, picking up speaking engagements and creating events that I could sell my products at, but I had also incurred so much debt that it would have taken me years to pay it all back at the rate I was going.  I needed to generate income FAST!  I knew there were ways that could speed up the process but I didn’t want to be associated with them.  Network marketing for one.  Even though I wanted to create profits not losses, for someone like myself, network marketing sounded like a reputation ‘hit’ to my credibility.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 6.33.53 PMOne thing I hadn’t counted on during this process was that my teenage daughter would become completely disillusioned by all that I was doing on line.  You see, she had a dream to attend an elite college and create her own business as a specialized photographer after graduation.  Here’s where I messed up.  I vowed to ‘make it happen for her’ if that is what she wanted.  She would make $10K of that for her own living expenses.

OH – and by the way – this elite college cost over $70,000 for just 10 months of schooling! Yah…. but I kept saying, “We’ll get you there sweets, don’t worry.”

I wanted to pay cash to make it happen for her and I worked my tail off to do it.
Unfortunately, because I had belief systems that kept bringing me back to my old  patterns, all I seemed to be able to create was more debt, and more hard work.

This was no ‘shining example’ of what being an entrepreneur was about. 

I hated what it was doing to her, to her dream, and most importantly I hated what I was doing to myself.  This is why what I am about to tell you is CRITICAL for you to understand.

Your beliefs about money, and how it flows in and out of your life, needs to get under control. Understand that from a scientific perspective, everything is energy.  This amazing discovery for me became clear to me when I was 16 years old. I was sitting in my dental assisting class when a medical scientist brought in a specialized black light. He then asked us what the germiest thing in the room was while pointing the black light in that direction.  It was our tooth brushes of all things! “Ewwwwww Gross!” came all the girlie squeals.

He began to explain that what we were seeing (crawling all around the toothbrushes which looked like millions of tiny bugs) was the bacteria built up from moisture. He said everything in the room was full of energy, both positive and negative energy.  He then took out a dollar bill and showed the energy around this bill as well. It was astounding at how ‘germy’ everything looked, but this also helped me realize that there is a constant flow of energy around us all the time. This flow is how we exist.

Now, I realize this story doesn’t sound like it fits in the context of what we’re saying here, but it actually does.  Most people cannot see germs any more than they can see positive energy, but you notice it when someone walks into a room. When they are positive and upbeat they can light up the entire room!  That’s positive energy and we are continually creating it, or we’re doing the complete opposite by creating negative energy with our bad moods and critical spirits.

Most people cannot make money unless they remove the negative beliefs and the negative energy they have surrounding it.  Now don’t go labeling this as a ‘new age’ thought. It wouldn’t matter what your spiritual beliefs are.  No one can deny that this entire universe is made up of energy.  If your thoughts about money are negative, then you might have negative energy holding you back from creating a positive flow of income.  Create a positive feeling toward money (without greed behind it) and you just might see create a positive flow of cash come in to your life.

Its what I wanted for my daughter and for myself, and now its what I want for you.  But you have to want it for yourself – like I did.

In the comment box below, tell me what beliefs you have had that might have held you back. We all have them.  Recognizing them, and releasing them, is what it takes to move past them so lets celebrate together.

Stay Blessed,


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