What Does A Day In The Life Of YOU Look Like?

Radio MicWhile being interviewed on a radio show a few weeks ago, the show host was moving along just fine with the normal questions I get during any business radio interview.  Then… he then took a sharp turn and surprised me by suddenly asking:“What does a day in the life of Kellie Frazier look like?”

Admittedly, I was taken back and stammered for what seemed like forever.  Not only did I stammer but I also gave a very brief reply.  For whatever reason I felt my whole being halt at the idea of sharing the privacy of my daily life which I had not done before.  He seemed satisfied with my brief answer and we moved on.

Today, I was asked this same question by someone in my FB community.  Someone I know and trust.  I noticed I didn’t have the same reaction. In fact, I said, “Hmmm…..who knows what seeds might be planted, in both me and the one’s listening if I respond more openly.”  So, with that I decided to respond with a long version about what a day in the life of Kellie looks like. To me its normal, but to others its pretty unusual.

Most mornings I wake up at 4:00 am hearing God. Yes. I hear God’s still small voice in my spirit and it often wakes me up right at 4:00 am.

I ask, “What do I need to know for today?” I try to have pen and paper handy. I listen and write, or I will often listen without writing. This process can take 10 minutes or up to a few hours. I just never know. Its God’s time to teach me and my time to learn. Kel Cropped in blue

After that I prioritize my top 3 items to begin working on for that day. I keep all deadlines in mind knowing it could change at any time.

I drink the water on my nightstand to rehydrate, and that’s about the time when I have several reminders going off on my phone. These 9 reminders are my mantra’s for the day. I say each one outloud:

“Thank you for a loving marriage, thank you for healthy wonderful children, thank you for healing and restoring lives around the world, thank you for peace and freedom, thank you that I can provide wonderful work in a wonderful way. Thank you that I give wonderful service for wonderful pay. Thank you for compassion I get to show others and for the love that returns my way.”

I then get up and begin the day. For the first hour I work on what generates income. That might mean crunching numbers, promoting my books, making contacts with meeting planners, talking with potential clients, etc. and the early bird gets the worm. Its good to remember this.

When that’s done I work out in the gym. (Again, not every day and my routine changes often there so I don’t get bored)

After I return from the gym I work on productivity items. My brain is clear and endorphins are fully activated so any articles, books, programs get completed during this time – as far as possible that is.

Its in this time frame that I juice, but not every day. (Juicing is the process of making green drinks by extracting the juice from vegetables). This is vital for me to stay in great health. If I’m not feeling the desire to juice then I make a fruit smoothie instead, but this is the best way I know of to get all of my proper intake of fruits and vegies. (Smoothies is the process of blending fruits and liquid to make a luscious thick drink.)

SIDE NOTE: I’ve recently created a fun video I’ll be releasing this week on how I juice and make fruit smoothies so be sure to register on my site if you want to know how to juice for your own health. I cover using 3 different machines and what I put into my drinks.

Then I go back to my computer after juicing to check all of my email acc’ts, social media sites, respond to whomever I didn’t get to the day before and line out the remainder of my day. I may attend business meetings, visit Hospice patients or mentor students but its primarily a community focused time unless I’m meeting deadlines for my shows or interviews.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 6.02.20 AMMy husband and I spend dinner time together, catching up on the day and sharing our successes. We discuss what needs have to be met with regard to meal planning, family, home, etc and that usually winds up the end of my day.

I’m usually nodding off by 10:00 pm whether I’m sitting, standing, talking or walking. I sleep like a rock, then get up with full energy and do it all over again. By the time the weekend comes I am fully ready to take a day of rest. So there you have it. A day in the life of Kellie Frazier.

Now….what about a day in the life of YOU??  What makes you unique? What special things do you add in your day? What gives you excitement toward better health, greater strength or awesome relationships?

Let me know by dropping a comment below and then share this post so others can open up their minds to a day in their own life.

Tailored to any audience, Kellie speaks on successful head and heart connections that develop sustainable relationships and businesses.
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